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"Earth-Friendly Dog Poop Bags | 60 Compostable Bags with Dispenser | Unscented, Extra Thick | Convenient and Hygienic | Large Size for Easy Cleanup | Includes Poop Bag Holder"

"Earth-Friendly Dog Poop Bags | 60 Compostable Bags with Dispenser | Unscented, Extra Thick | Convenient and Hygienic | Large Size for Easy Cleanup | Includes Poop Bag Holder"

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  • 🍃HANDS FREE WALKS! Pop your pet waste bags into the cool 'vintage vibe' dog bag holder included. It fits a roll of thick 20 micron bags (15 bags) plus treats and a key. It clips to the D-ring on your dogs leash without flailing around, features a smooth zipper plus easy-access to dispense the next bag.
  • 🌏 PROTECT MOTHER EARTH ONE POOP AT A TIME. Be a good fur-parent for your good dog with Good Dog Brand home compostable poop bags! It's a thicker dog bag that never leaks, 13 x 9" dog waste bags for all dogs big and small, and the cute dog poop bag dispenser keeps bags on hand, hands-free!
  • ♻️15 EXTRA THICK BAGS PER ROLL! Most dog bags for poop are 15-18 microns. Those that are 20 microns are in rolls of 10-12. But these poop bags for dogs are 20 microns AND 15 per roll (60 total)! So if you need thicker, matte earth friendly dog bags plus extra value - these Doggie Bags make perfect sense.
  • 🌱 CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE DOG POOP BAGS: Your eco bags are made from PBAT, Cornstarch and PLA and come with an OK Compost TUV Home S0329 Certification! These zero waste bags will only leave behind healthy compost for the garden!
  • 🌿 UNSCENTED, UNOFFENSIVE, UNTROUBLING! Sure, poop smells, but scented poop ruins the enjoyment of lavender for eternity. So your doggy bags are neutral and perfume free. Good Dog Brand features an easy-lift sticker, easy-tear separators for one-handed use, and packed in recycled packaging. Order now.

Product Description

Leak Proof

Our bags have a leak proof design. Use these bags to pick up after your dog without having to worry about creating a bigger mess.

No Plastic

Our poop bags are made from PBAT, Cornstarch and PLA. They contain no plastic and will break down in home composts.

20 Microns Thick

You will not have to worry if you have an extra large mess to pick up. Our bags are thick enough to handle it. They are 20 microns thick. Most other bags are only 15-18 microns thick!


No offensive smells here! Our bags are thick and odor blocking but do not have any artificial, unnatural smells. The way mother nature prefers it!

Easy to Rip Apart

Our bags can be ripped apart so easily, it can be done with one hand! Check out our poop bag dispenser for the easiest ripping experience!

No Tear Sticker

Our sticker is "good" in more ways than one. It is made of recycled material and it is super easy to lift. It will not rip a bag when you remove it!

100% Recycled Material

Our packaging and the core of each roll is made of recycled material. The bags are made of plants and are 100% certified for home composting!

15 Bags in Every Roll

Each of our rolls contain 15 large bags. Other bags only have 10-12 bags per roll. Our bags are 9" X 13" and are strong enough to hold even the toughest messes!

Number of Rolls 4 10 20
Number of Bags 60 150 300
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